Federated Kingdoms of Calanon

Overview Calanon describes a planet and a civilization which developed in complete isolation until P.250. Its people – the Calanese – speak a common language, but are genetically diverse and populate a total of three nations – Jer Heranon, Kayadon, and Aash, which are broken into a total of 20 districts. Jer Heranon is the […]

Nycosi Empire

Overview The Nycosi Empire is the undisputed superpower on Alaya. It encompasses five major kingdoms and nine additional territories – two of which are interstellar. The seat of government is San Andrasi – a massive fortified city with a history of continuous habitation that dates back long before the founding of the empire. Formally, near-absolute […]

Malkrad Naming Conventions

Traditional Malkrad names consist of four different names. Let’s take a popular Malkrad name for example: Marka Iana Sai Sayeth Marka: Given name Iana: “Charm” name Sai: House Name Sayeth: Family name   Charm Name The “charm” name was given with the hopes of bestowing spiritual power and protection. Common charm names translated as “hope” and “strength” […]

Marka Iana Sai Sayeth

Marka Iana Sai Sayeth was as prolific traveler, journalist, and historian from the Kingdom of Malkrad. In his day, most common people lacked the means or the bravery to travel to distant worlds, but Sayeth was a man of means, and poured his resources into travel. His works, which covered thousands of topics of everyday […]

Fen Achtana – Daughter of Achtan

Fen Achtana was a political and religious leader for the displaced and marginalized Achtana people. She was granted the title “Daughter of Achtan” (a title with religious implications) when she took the throne in the mid 200’s at the age of 17. She was known to carry an ancient heirloom firearm, and was the first known to […]

Ioca Impetti

Princess Ioca Impetti (daughter and only child of Prince Imperator Royo Impetti) was a well-known and influential Nycosi activist who fought for the just treatment of abused Markish citizens after the Kalosian Subjugation. After a brief but brutal clash between demonstrators and Imperial military police, Impetti was listed among the dead. Though she was officially […]

First Interstellar War

Underlying Causes The First Interstellar war (called “The War” in some common scenarios) was an armed conflict between Calanese and Imperial Nycosi forces between the years P.270 and P.273. Hostilities between Calanon and the Nycosi Empire primarily stemmed from ever-expanding Nycosi colonies on Calanese soil. Formal Nycosi colonization of Calanon began in the P.250s, immediately putting strain […]